• Cyberspunk!
    Bike Smut is proud to be part of CYBERSPUNK! A one-night-only Book Club Burlesque party inspired by William Gibson’s 1984 Science Fiction classic, Neuromancer. Cyberspunk is a participatory and literacy event. The audience is encouraged to read the book and dress to impress in their sexiest, most creative Neuromancer inspired style. The neon-noir novel is wrought with […]
  • SUBMIT! ∆∆ Science Friction ∆∆
    Forward and aft lighting charged.Lubrication to maximum viscosity.Set genitals to stunning.Prepare to travel through time and space using your own fucking ass... its time to enter the submission zone ...Bike Smut 9: Science FrictionThe annual call for submissions for DIY bicycle pornography!5 point process to bikesexual satisfaction1. Open mind to bikesexual ideas. Contemplate what gets you […]
  • Viva Las Velo
    Las Vegas, a city of inspired, illuminated indulgence will soon be lighting up the night with our DIY erotic bicycle films! Back in 2010 Bike Smut made its first bold moves into Nevada. Thu grit, strippers, manic determination and jello shots we provided a feast of the senses. Now 5 years later we are back […]