• The bell tolls for Philly bikesexuals
    Real Talk Philadelphia, We have raced bikes, showed erotica, watched a car burn... all good times! But no matter how much love i profess for your pretzels, cheezsteaks and massive sculptures of the gates of hell (thx Rodin) I still feel daunted by your lack of brotherly love.can ya feel the love now? We have […]
  • Working the Sausage in Nuremburg
    If you search the Internet for "nuremberger" all you get is a sausage fest. Not dick pics, literally butchered meats in long, narrow enclosures. Fitting, because it seems probable that Bavaria invented partying while feasting on sausage and named it after a month in the Autumn (even tho they do it everyday). It doesn't matter […]
  • The Alpha and Omega of Porn
    This is the end of bikesexual times. For the lord did say unto me, take heed, for I am the alpha and omega, the semination and termination of porn.Bless the beasts and the bicycles; keep the Sabbath wholeySaturday, May 7Church of Fun4109 Melrose AveDouble Screenings: 8pm and 1130pm$7-10 NOTAFLOF musical interludes by Kick a 10-Year […]