• Burning Down the Fort Collins
    Today we turn our way back machine to the gradually intensifying bikesexual outpost of Ft. Collins. If you were repopulating the United States with bikesexuals we might assume one would start on the West Coast and spread across the planet like a joyously liberated plague of happy-go-fucky, DIY space elves. And while Salt Lake has […]
  • Happy BikeFucking Halloween
    Its time for our never before annual punnishment post, where we make lots of lame jokes by replacing our normal vocabulary with phrases like, "Good as Ghoul" and ... eh actually no we don't need any sort of holiday to make talking like an idiot more appropriate because we do that kinda think nearly every […]
  • Colorado BikeSexual Conclusion
    Bike Smut has been visiting Colorado since our first year and every city (Denver, Boulder, Ft Collins and Colorado Springs) has been good and/or challenging to Bike Smut from year to year. For example during our very visit to Denver, Gabe, our bravest tourista was riding his customized minibike on the extra slippery skate park […]