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  • ¡El Final Feliz Comenza - Ciencia Fricción en Mexico!
    en español mas tarde (mas of menos... problemente menos) Bike Smut returns to Mexico! In all the world there is only one homegrown film and performance festival displaying the joy and libeartion of human-powered mobility and sex-positive culture. Although we have moved into a comfortable retirement from touring there were 4 movies made in Mexico […]
  • Science Friction in Berlin!
    Bike Smut may be done touring in the US but lucky for German bike fuckers Miss Poppy Cox is on hand to deliver the goods in Berlin, Tonight!We are delighted to have Science Friction be part of the Berlin Porn Film Festival! (but with a name like that how could they refuse?) Come revel in […]
  • The Penultimate Bike Porn ... mmm MKE?
    This is it.We are on the verge of getting sentimental, because we have done so much writing and engaging more than 1000 posts and 700k views over the past decade. But the numbers, which are interesting are nothing compared to the qualitative sense of value from our interactions with people over the years.We have had […]