• Come Again, Burlington!
    This is normally where we make a humorous quip about the city or state hosting Bike Smut, usually involving their name, or motto into some sort of play on words.In the past we've said, VerMOUNT (as in, to see you get on) and I think we also tried a Voldermount joke once, although its hard […]
  • Viens encore, Montreal!
    English below Bike Smut- aka le festival bicyclo-pornographique est de retour à Montréal. Cette année, avec deux nouveaux films de Montréal qui ont eu un grand succès-- pour que personne ne nous manque... le même show jouera deux fois. SAMEDI 2 MAI Café Cléopatra 1230 St. Laurent Viens! à 7h30 pour le premier show, sois sexy pour […]
  • Pornorgraphic Extension INTO THE FUTURE!
    Your deadline for submission to Bike Smut 9: Science Friction has been extended!No longer will you need to work relentlessly until 5/5 to create your vision of sexy mobility... instead you can work relentlessly until 16 June!SciFi is one of the most challenging genres to do well so give yourself a bit of extra time […]