Look up our Twatter

    Dear readers, we have failed you.For 10 years we have documented our seemingly perpetual sojourn for joy and liberation. Embracing  self-mobilization and and sex-positivity as our our primary tool of emancipation from single-occupancy cars and general puritanical bullshit we have doggedly traveled and shared these ideas with the world. We are quite proud of our […]
  • Science Friction in New Orleans!
    Bike Smut is playing New Orleans! (or if you are imbibing in sufficient purple drank: Nawlyns)  Thursday, March 29th we want you to gear up! We are hosting a sexy sci-fi bike ride before the show, live performances and bonus surprises to end the night. Costumes and frivolous engagement are rewarded! Ride from the Vortex […]
  • Have Fun Storming New Castle
    Whew! Well we do always like to go out with a bang and after the time Sydney gave us last night...Wait, not Sidney, Sydney! The Australian cyclists came out in force to confirm their transportational sexuality. (some are purists but we hear many are also supportive of fucking on a train)Tonight we are in New […]