the idiot and the internet: two terrifying tastes that taste the same?

We love sexual politics and we hate on haters. Natually we love to hate on sexual haters. These are the people who would limit our expression, the people who would control our lives to such a degree as to generate sympthey from Afghan Women.

It is with swellingly, engorged pride that we announce a new reoccuring feature at Bike Smut Enterprises:
When the first words on a blog are confounding, some might be tempted to ignore the article as the overflowing exciment of some poopy-pants
“Warning: This Article Includes Evidence That Contains Graphic Language”

From fighting illegal porn stores to exposing the corruption within the homosexual agenda, James is being used to confront the powers of darkness in San Diego… – from the mostly literate website of James Hartline

The Bike Porn SW Tour plans to visit Diego in a couple months, perhaps this city council person who is convinced about the darkness of our powers

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