• Working the Sausage in Nuremburg
    If you search the Internet for "nuremberger" all you get is a sausage fest. Not dick pics, literally butchered meats in long, narrow enclosures. Fitting, because it seems probable that Bavaria invented partying while feasting on sausage and named it after a month in the Autumn (even tho they do it everyday). It doesn't matter […]
  • The Alpha and Omega of Porn
    This is the end of bikesexual times. For the lord did say unto me, take heed, for I am the alpha and omega, the semination and termination of porn.Bless the beasts and the bicycles; keep the Sabbath wholeySaturday, May 7Church of Fun4109 Melrose AveDouble Screenings: 8pm and 1130pm$7-10 NOTAFLOF musical interludes by Kick a 10-Year […]
  • Last Ever Bike Smut in London!
     Miss Poppy Cox is the original Spokeslut    in her own words" On the term, "Spokeslut" and how it was meant to shame me for my slutty nature. (I’m just some bimbo that is so brainwashed by the patriarchy that I cannot see how fucked up the image I created is.) I thought I would write […]