• Bonus Burning Sensation
    BONUS BURNING SCREENING!We are about to enter Burning Man (its this place where people fuck bikes for fun and not profit, so its a little strange for us) and we have a lot of excited people to share our totally unique art with. So much so that we have added a show on Wednesday night!Wednesday […]
  • Crafy Handmade Fetish Ware
    Last year we showed an amazing film (a couple actually) from Montreal. In Brazen Saddles, an all female bike gang tore around the city, going wherever their hearts desired. They lured and captured a bike cop and then the audience was oft heard to scream, "Fuck the Police!" In this amazing movie the gang all […]
  • Melting Rubbers - Burning Men
    What desiccates and desecrates all at once? A massive alkaline desert packed with 70,000 carousers!For 29 years people have left the comfort of their homes to eek out and share the art of suffering together in one of the least hospitable places on earth. Bike Smut has been invited to go every year of its […]