• Seattle! Fight for your fucking future!
    Seattle is a city of impressive futuristic tendencies:the Space Needle, the computer software, the wall to wall Starbucks, the overpriced housing market,  the stream of people who commute for two or more hours twice a day between Everett and Tacoma... We can do better. Seattle its time to abandon the ways of yesteryear and step into...THE […]
  • Come Again, Canada... One Last Time
    We are back in Vancouver BC with our final screening ofBike Smut 8: Come Again! Due to travel schedules we had to postpone this screening until July; Vancouver demanded to share the amazing videos from Montreal, Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix and San Palo one last time!Thursday July 23  The Rio Theatre - 1660 E Broadway9:00 - doors open […]
  • Come Again, Alaska, its the Midnight Sunburn!
    "Bikes and cussin' and carrying on" - the low key way to infer of a festive time among people who love to love (and hate) on each other! Right up there with tomfoolery and horseplay and a pile of other adjectives for mostly safe fucking around.This weekend is the 4th annual Midnight Sunburn Bike Polo […]