• Last Ever Bike Smut in London!
     Miss Poppy Cox is the original Spokeslut    in her own words" On the term, "Spokeslut" and how it was meant to shame me for my slutty nature. (I’m just some bimbo that is so brainwashed by the patriarchy that I cannot see how fucked up the image I created is.) I thought I would write […]
  • Carbon Life vs Silicon Valley. The Last Ever Bike Smut in SF
    Time to Back that Bay up! We got a hard drive in our bike shorts and we know where to put itThis Cinco de Mayo (5/5) will be the last ever presentation of Bike Smut in San Francisco!Our last ever show in LA is just two days later! photo of our fab tourista in Delores […]
  • The Passing of our Naked Defender
    Regular readers will note that this blog refers to itself in the plural, "we" rather than "I". This is because Bike Smut has been propelled by the faceless mass of legs and genitals that rarely get the limelight. By using plural pronouns we have tried to keep that awareness that Bike Smut is more than […]