• Rim Job Across The Rust Belt
    What's this? So much porn that even we epic bloggers of 10 years cannot keep up? With over a thousand posts, many of them with salient information it was bound to happen sometime. We had a show in Buffalo and we didn't even make a post for it! Wasupwiththat?!?  We had a full house in […]
    We are fresh out of Harvest Festival, the electro-dance filled forest 300 km north of Toronto. We partied, we made silly, we worked with our local host to fabricate a pedal-powered disco... and we showed some classic bicycle pornography to some hippies in the woods. Now its time to get deep into Canada's most popular […]
  • Fin Du Monde Cyclosessual
    Pour la dernière fois, Bike Smut, le festival cyclo-érotique, est de retour à MontréalBike Smut, un festival international itinérant qui célèbre le vélo et une culture du sexe positive, s’arrête à Montréal pour la cinquième et dernière fois ce samedi à 20:00 au Café L’Artère. Sous le thème de la “Science Friction” cette année, le […]