• World Naked Bike Ride, Las Vegas, Baby!
    Its naked bike ride season! Get your bewbs and your butts and your bodies ready to ride!We have been covering and uncovering the World Naked Bike Ride since our inception in 2007. The future of Bike Smut is still unknown but we are confident the ideals inherent to biking naked will carry on!This weekend for […]
  • NYC Porn Film Fest!
    A festival of Porn in New York City? Why yes, this weekend is the NYC Porn Film Festival!JebusTits, there is so much porn in one room:Bushwick Arts FestivalRyan Sullivan’s ISLAND + panel discussion of barebacking in contemporary pornKatie Rex & panel explores pornography in feminist culture/its positive affirmations in the lives of the performers & […]
  • The bell tolls for Philly bikesexuals
    Real Talk Philadelphia, We have raced bikes, showed erotica, watched a car burn... all good times! But no matter how much love i profess for your pretzels, cheezsteaks and massive sculptures of the gates of hell (thx Rodin) I still feel daunted by your lack of brotherly love.can ya feel the love now?We have had […]