Author: Poppy

Bikes in Babeland

It is HOT in the Northwest!….and it just got a bit hotter here at Bike Smut headquarters when we found out Babeland Toys will be sponsoring our Seattle show!Babeland has been Seattle’s #1 totally awesome, sex-positive, female-friendly sex shop for

Freedom From Pants!

Glory be! Our comrades in Minneapolis, the Queer Bike Gang brought forth the joy that is riding a bike without pants! And while it might not pack quite the same political punch of a World Naked Bike Ride it was still

Still Spanking It – Duex

When the ladies of the UK have acknowledged that they are enjoying a glorious day out in nature, and no one is around… well what do you expect? They want to explore their bodies!

After Party People

One might think it is foolishly arrogent to plan for a sweet after party days before the party has even started. What is the point of the afterparty, but the sweet excitement of having loads of people who unamiously agree,

Sneaky Seattle

We have had this show booked for a while, but all of the sudden its happening in just a few days. So, incase you haven’t heard, we will be doing one of our final presentations of the Orgasm trail. The the ‘choose your

The Spokeslut

Hello Bikesexuals! Poppy Cox and her bicycle, Mademoiselle Margo I’m Poppy Cox. I am half of the duo that runs this crazy world of bike-sexuality on a daily basis. I do not think I have officially introduced myself here on the blog.

Bike Smut 6: Deadline Extension

Thats right! The Deadline has been EXTENDED.  Liberty Sprocket YOU NOW HAVE UNTIL JUNE 6TH TO SEND US YOUR BIKE PORN! Rev Yeah! Just when you thought it was too late to think-up/shoot/edit the bike porn of your dreams…We thought

Sprung! again: May 8th – Power

Tomorrow (May 8th) will be our second installment of Sprung! The theme is Power Here is what we have to say about that: It affects every relationship, whether it is with close friends or authorities. It can be used for or against

ONE MONTH WARING! Bike Smut 6: Turning Trixxx

ONE MONTH>ONE MONTH>ONE MONTH>ONE MONTH>ONE MONTH  now you can’t say we haven’t warned you! Get off your ass and make some porn people!! Yes, its our official ‘Call for Entries’ for our sixth year of sexy and empowering bicycle film programming. Illustration

Exerpt on the Explicit – A brief look at the Etymology of XXX

Seeing as the business we bicycle-pornographers have got ourselves into, that of the ‘sexually explicit’ and in-turn, the censored, is so heavily based on the letter ‘X’. Then noting our clever re-appropriation of the forbidden letter for this years theme of our film festival,

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