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Turning TriXXX in LA

Bike Smut is back on the West Coast! We got a full weekend – 3 consecutive days of bike-sexual movies for you to chew on. Friday Jan 18  HIGHLAND PARK The Bike Oven 3706 N. Figueora St 8pm , $5  

The Southwest Roundup

Yes, we have no blog posts. This communication is as much a form of living history as it is promotional tool so we only feel slightly annoyed withoutselves that we have had multiple shows that didnt get their full due

Suerte en Mexico

Mexican lessons for the sojourning bikesexual, or “What I fucked during winter break” We are only days away from returning to the United States, or as I like to call it, the Information Empire. It is always quite enlightening being able to

Bikesexual Confessions in Austin, TX

This Saturday Bike Smut returns to U.S. soil.  AND OH HOW IT IS SOILED! The filthy bikefuckers of Austin Fucking Texas will get their opportunity to not only witness the worlds most explicit program of erotic bicycle movies (only a

Jesus yr old!

Y ahora, mi amigo Jesus esta un poco mas viejo.  Mas Fiesta en District Federal! Sabado! mas informactions pronto!

XXXMas Fiesta en OaXXXaca

Paseo de Porno! CAFÉ CENTRAL OAXACA MIÉRCOLES 26 dic, 2012  Hidalgo 302, Central Historical CINEMA CENTRAL PRESENTA: FUNCIÓN ESPECIAL “BICI PORNO” Se presentará por primera vez en Oaxaca “Bike Smut”. ¡Libertad de transporte y libertad sexual! ¿Eres bici sexual? ¿Crees

The Village Bicycle

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Founded by one of our favourite sex worker and eco-sex activist, Anne Sprinkle as a way to “memorialize my whore sisters that had died so horribly and needlessly.”Today, I was

Puebla? I thought you said La Pube…

Sabado En Puebla! Rodada hacia la proyección: Punto de reunión “fuente de los frailes” 20:00 horas Vídeo Proyección Sábado 15 de diciembre21:00 horas Bike Smut es una colección de videos eróticos hechos por ciclistas de todo el mundo. Es creativo, inteligente

Virgin Cunt de Guadalupe!

Quatro semanas en Mexico y nos decimos “Gracias!” Gracias para la bici, y para sex! Gracias para arte de bikesexual!!! Esta Virgin Cunt Dia Para Guadalupe… feliz cumpleanos!  de Bike Smut 

GDL Te Quieren!

Que quieren que bajar! Nos amig@s en La Casa PUC tienen muchas bebidas y encantan bicis!   Vamanos a 19:00 para bebidas, discucion, y pre-show videos!Epazamos  a 20:00! Agustin de la Rosa 616   DISFRUTE PORNO!