BikePorn 4:PLAY Trailer

BEHOLD! You may now have some 4:PLAY

This exciting promotional trailer is brought to you by the letter poon.

If you want any more you will have to come to a screening. There are no DVDs and repeat screenings are highly unlikely. Get it while its hot!

11 comments on “BikePorn 4:PLAY Trailer
  1. DarkWizard says:

    I’m looking at the tour dates, and I can’t BELIEVE that you are not coming to San Francisco or at least ONE city in the bay area! Do you KNOW how many perverts and sex fiends are out here?!? Do you know how many CYCLISTS that are out here?!? Come on, ya gotta set a date for out here in the yay area! I’m a cyclist! I’m a porn watcher!

    • pinkyracer says:

      I’ve actually written a script set in SF, with a male bike messenger (ideally black) and female “tag”. I’m looking for actors, a swanky pad, and crew. I’m waiting to hear back from a friend about doing the shooting & editing, as she’s kick-ass.

      After seeing the films I was shocked SF, bike messengers, and black people were so underrepresented. Granted, they don’t show ALL the films at each showing, but still. Who’s in?

  2. revphil says:

    I am pretty amazed myself. We have been visiting SF for years work and its increasingly been a loosing battle. Even last year when we had submissions from SF people attendance was unimpressive at best. I can’t be sure the reason, but it seems smaller, more repressive cities want it more.

    • pinkyracer says:

      yeah, LA is so small and repressed compared to SF. ;-P kidding aside, I suspect it’s partly because the porn industry is what really keeps this city solvent, and partly that we’re not too PC to enjoy some smut.

  3. bicyclingsd says:

    Oh Great Rev. Phil:

    A reader named Val asked me to ask you how to interpret the mixed messages I am getting re: car ownership as a requirement to getting laid.


  4. bicyclingsd says:

    And you’re coming to San Diego?!? I don’t know how I feel about watching smut in public…but I am very excited about you coming to SD!

    • pinkyracer says:

      Rev Phil makes it so much fun! They really put us at ease, despite it being a coed group of friends and strangers. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Especially not while also being turned on by some of the films. It wasn’t awkward at all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    WTH! Wheres the Tucson love? Didn’t we have fun? Didn’t we show you a good time? Did we not hold hands and pray in the Bike Church? Oh Rev Phil, Why?

  6. revphil says:

    People please! There is plenty of bike love to share.

    The Southwest will get theirs. Expect a tour around xmas/NYE.

    as far as requirements to getting laid, they aren’t too different from hosting a screening. Audio is more important than visuals, be mindful of what space you are in, and try to make your audience as comfortable as possible. There is no need to own a car, just borrow one if necessary!

  7. Doot says:

    too bad you’re skipping the Balkans

  8. McWheel says:

    Poor SF, no bike poon for you.. Well you know, every one is SOO jealous of SF b/c YOU have EVERYTHING ELSE thats COOL in the world! Greed is unbecoming!
    Kissies from Portland- and please- DO COME and visit us – you cuties!

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