California, we are coming for you!

Who Put the Porn in California?

You did! Just like with Ed McMahon’s sweepstakes you may already be a winner of bike porn at a theater near you.

At the moment our offices are working overtime to schedule a California tour of The Pornography of the Bicycle. Do you know venue that should to host it?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you envision yourself flying down a hill, carving up scenery?
  • Do you feel attacked by others due to your “perverted” biking behavior?
  • Do you yearn to hold a smooth, tapered steel seat tube?
  • Do you wake up with a hole in your heart the size of a bottom bracket?

Than you are an ideal candidate to help make Bike Porn a reality in California.

The tour spans 2 weeks from approx December 23rd to Jan 6th

Do you have what it takes? email our offices today!

revphil [at] gmail [dawt] com

If you are still not convinced try watching our trailer for the last Bike Porn Tour

3 comments on “California, we are coming for you!
  1. Anonymous says:

    dallas needs this

  2. revphil says:

    houston loves it some bike porn. too bad Dallas couldn’t quite pull it together. Maybe in 09? 2010?

  3. cai says:

    cai was here,thinking about digmore and freddy

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