Canadian Reviews – 4:PLAY

Well its been a pretty crazy ride so far, there have been epic barn burning-style parties; sedate, yet attentive coffee shop explorations; consensual biker body touching (sort of the opposite of personification of a bike) and we still have the “Canadian Sex Capitol” coming up tomorrow!

But what do the Canadians think? They can be a reluctant bunch, requiring prodding, jabbing, heckling, even “awkward salmoning” just to get a response.

Well here is the time and place to share your opinions. Remember, this is only for Canadians (or people who saw the smut in Canada). So no cheating!

Here’s your set up…


comments muthafucka, do you leave them!?!?

photo credit to lisalisa
3 comments on “Canadian Reviews – 4:PLAY
  1. Anonymous says:

    it tickled my fancy

  2. Celeste says:

    I found the night overall entertaining! You were a great host… Most films were great and interesting take on bike culture and erotica! Also, the scope was wide reaching and encompassed variety sexualities, fetishes, etc! Good Work on promoting radical entertainment…

  3. Anonymous says:

    had a difficult time getting another beverage when I really wanted one. Reminded me of those embarrassing school moments. I lusted it.

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