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A bright, shining light is beaming down on Bike Porn Industries: a quick hitting stint in the Rockies is coming together, with eager bike beavers in Salt Lake, Ft Collins, Boulder and Denver (not sure what is happening in Boise,

Heating up the southwest

Does it seem like all we ever do is pimp other peoples things? With so many cyclical and smutty things going on it is quite a challenge to press on and stay moderatly relevant. Especially when more active photo blogs

More humptastic news from them ABQs

It would seem we touched a nerve… in a good way. After almost 2 months we found another story about our show in ABQ. A full length article about the Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound screening in Albuquerque, this time

Living the Festival High LIfe

Home again in PDX and we are still getting love letters from all over, this one posted conveniently online is a pretty great review of Pornotopia, The Southwest’s only sex positive film festival where Bike Porn 3 made a big

durango we hardly knew ye

So with a great deal of sadness, we have accepted that we won’t be able to screen BikePorn3 in Durango. This will be a devastating blow, as we reserved a Saturday for those crazy mofos who hosted what we heard

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