dangers of cycling

Just so we are clear, everyone knows how dangerous bikes are, right? Then it’s not a far stretch to say that bikers are also dangerous!

All this inherent danger and still the world has gone crazy for naked riding:

Imagine leaving church with your young son one afternoon only to be confronted with thousands of naked people on bikes! What kinda damage is that gonna inflict on that poor child? What kinda horrible nightmares will he about getting chased by oversized breasts and genitalia? – from shelly the republican

The removal of clothing is not the only way to make ourself safe, in theory with fewer cars on the road we would all be safer, no?

(this movie provided via Jason Broemmel and Cyclecide)

Perhaps there is no salvation from ourselves.

But just maybe a collection of short adult themed bicycle movies will help everyone realize that they can have sex whenever they want (just not with whatever they want)


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