extensions of ourselves

“Sure sure,” you say… “But what is it that you are “extending” out to people?”

Well that answer is more meta phoric than we would care to answer with specifics.

we’re pretty sure this was targeted for/at the guys who actually have said “yea, it has got a hemmi”multiple times, without any sarcasm.

But yes we are exteneding ourselves, and possibly also “extending” you (or maybe “stretching”” is a more appropriate term?) because even though the deadline for Bike Porn 4:PLAY is officially May 10th, 2010 we are going to give you and extra couple weeks to actually deliver the goods.

have your finished movie in MiniDV NTSC format
with 16×9 aspect ratio
make it awesome
make it tight
make your friends proud (or confused, or disturbed, but no matter the emotion you are going for make sure you really go for it)


Bike Porn Industries
1035 NE Skidmore St
Portland, OR 97211

thanks to the hella sweet MNPLS artist who made this terrifying image a reality

One comment on “extensions of ourselves
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