fester on, wayward son

Attn wordy people, we Bike Porn Collaborators pose this quandary of massive dictional proportions.

The term, “film fest” could probably be made into one word these days. When does showing movies become a festival? If there is any entertainment in addition to the actual movies than it might qualify, but what if there are just 2 screenings or some dude talking before or selling swag? does that a fest make?

must it be festive? or do we need to feast on something? or can it
just be festering in the corner?

We did not originally call bikeporntour program a fest,
or festival, but it has been dubbed that just the same and we are
hesitant to fight against the tide. Should we be worried that by our
complacency we are promoting the degradation of language (as opposed to
other forms of degradation which we are generally comfortable with)

And then when trying to find an answer online google gives us this BS:

Total slap in the face! At least they removed the contact info from
the Press Release. gag!

viva sour grapes

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