framing the debate on sexual violence

It is more often than not just a punch line, but prison rape (which is usually just called prison sex for whatever reason) is still fucked!

With prisons being one of if not THE fastest growing populations in the United States and the prevalence of AIDS in prison it is no wonder we feel awkward talking about this:

Prisoners arriving at correctional facilities typically get challenged to a fight within a few days of arrival; those who fight poorly or run away get labeled as “punks” or sex slaves. Punks-usually young, nonviolent offenders, and often pretrial detainees-typically fall victim to a series of gang rapes that may continue for anywhere from a few days to several years.
– from “Hell Behind Bars: The crime that dare not speak its name”

So, why is this such a awkward conversation? We were pretty hesitant to comment on it at all for all the typical “what good will come of this conversation?” questions. But our hesitation provided the answer. We explore the nature of human sexuality to become more aware and less afraid (we are pornographers, but we actually DONT want to go to jail which could happen so yes we are also afraid).

But wait, before you grow tired of our musings behold a particularly challenging essay on “rape culture”. Does it stem from our patriarchal ways, or is it more the result of our violent culture?

Its feminist on feminist action here today. The results are far from conclusive but we hope a greater degree of understanding and openness will rule the day.

Questions about the nature of “ownership” of a bike and the need for explicit consent are forthcoming… someday.

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