Getting Traction

After 3 years of pimping bikes, sex and as many combinations of the two as possible our team has finally started getting props from people we don’t know.

Sharing a collection of adult-themed, DIY porn to an excited audience is one thing, getting people who are not really into bikes OR porn is a bit more challenging. A frequent response from fans goes like this:

“Wow! It was actually good! I mean I like bikes and sex so I didn’t really care if it was good, but I’m just stunned that the movies were… good!”

Now if a person hates porn (and on the whole we can’t really blame them cause there is so much bad porn out there) then telling them that this porn is different is a pretty significent challenge. But we know that we are not alone in trying to improve the standards by which porn is being measured.

history of fighting though the pain

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