And we continue on our triumphant string of German occupied porn spaces! Tonight, we proudly present to you

15 july // 21.00

One of the great things about many of the European countries we have been through is that private property is frequently disrespected in the most exciting ways. The many squats and occupied spaces provide us with ideal locations for public screenings of bicycle pornography. And so we salute those brave squat pioneers who have seized for us the Gängerviertel in Hamburg, Autonomes Zentrum in Cologne, and all other free spaces that have welcomed Bike Smut.

So we now rush boldy into the arms of the denizens of Hamburg – the Hamburgers? Or, the Hamburg, to be more correct in German grammar? Wikipedia is abuzz with the controversy of what to call these meaty citizens! But what we know is that the squatters at Gängerviertel who have craftily stolen that huge hoard of private property can only be one kind of people – Hamburglars:


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