handlebar ride

We have traversed North America and Europe bringing the ideas of sex + cycling to the waiting masses.

Sometimes while traveling we find willing bodies without bikes. OH TRAGEDY! However to resolve this crisis of a body desiring motion and no whip to ride?

Well we have a solution. Its called “bike pooling” and just like the name suggests our wheels are strong enough to ride +1 (or even +2 in some cases)

Here is a list of cities in with we came upon a wanton soul in need of a ride:

Istanbul – young beer vendor joined us from Galaca Tower to Taskium Square and back
Malmoe – post show with flat tire into a 30 kph headwind
London – shawn, thin post-lesbian after our 3rd and final screening
Barcelona – alan, front and back, with eyelashes and tiger suit to match
Madrid –
Berlin – poppy cox on madem margo

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