Malmo Media Maelstorm

Behold, the Blitzkrieg of bike perversion on Sweden has begun! We woke up to a big steaming slice of Swedish fame and glory this morning:

This article from South Swedish Daily might sound like good fluffy news with quotes like, “bringing positive sex culture to the bikers and bike culture to the perverts,” and, “there may be vegetables,” but it also does a great job bringing up our ethics:

  • We help communities define obscenity for themselves
  • We protect our artist’s privacy
  • We don’t sell DVDs, it is only shown for a community audience

We don’t even have screeners for the media. Thus Its not too often that media is able to do us right. But damn, how they do it in South Sweden.

This shit is going down TONIGHT!

4 comments on “Malmo Media Maelstorm
  1. Anonymous says:

    pornography has no artistic merit. this is just stupidity disguised as art which seems to be what art has become in the late 20th and 21st century

  2. kate says:

    back to the dark ages, everyone!

  3. anonymous is as anonymous says !
    the future is peasant very peasant !

  4. Anonymous says:

    the only good artist is a dead artist!

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