Northern Exposure Tour

Sure, plans to travel (and eventually dominate) around the world make for some pretty exciting times, and perhaps we are not tracking the exploits of the BikeSexual Industry the way we should (especially concerning everyone else is willing to just let it slide by like a scratch and sniff saddle, awkwardly wanting to lean over and catch a whiff, but terrified of being caught)

So we have been a bit distracted, but we are well aware of the engorged members of our North American inContinent and before we jam out to the vast unknown waters of an european fantasy tour we want to satiate who we can.

Victoria, Seattle, Spokane/Moscow?, Missoula, Bozeman, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia? New York

Its gonna be a wild ride.

2 comments on “Northern Exposure Tour
  1. BikeBike says:

    Really hoping for a return to Calgary! Don’t forget about us, especially considering we may have our own version of Pedalpalooza in June 2011 – cum play with us!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! I’m hoping to plug this in an Ottawa magazine. Looking for pics. Contact me at

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