Post Parisan Climax Reflex

Oh la mutha fuckin la!

Tremendous thanks go out to our Paris hosts who made it possible for us to have such an amazing time.

We had pretty good feeling about things. A beautiful day in a beautiful city is a good start to just about any story. Having some great media from Carfree France, in Metro, on IndyMedia, Veloroution, PigonFixe, and Surplace doesnt hurt either.

Nicolas Ehrahrt Cycles were great hosts for our bike porn Aperitif! Not only did they rearange their shop and open their doors and arms to our smutty selves they also did an emergency bike tube replacement (a blowout just before a bike ride is about to start is usually a terrible thing). And we are so glad they did because they made it possible for us to join in the fun of  Paris Chill Racing’s Sunset Bike Ride. Imagine nearly 100 sexy bikers bombing through the streets of Paris en mass sprinting between traffic in their underwear (or less). It was definitely the best group ride of the Euro Tour!

Our hosts at Le Houla Oups put up with a ton of drunken french bicycle tomfoolery. With the venue so packed there were was a constant rotation of people trying to get a view and escaping for fresh air. Apparently the police were less excited than the rest of us. We shut the party down 2 hours early, foregoing the last series of movies, performances and a special local bondage expert who was going to tie a girl up to a pillar with bike tubes. And the bar owner must appear in court. Yikes!

The silver lining is that just before the police shut us down we got to see the performance by Tad Girls Squad. Their silver demonic sexual beings constructing a bike out of a beautiful submissive girl was, for lack of other sufficient words, epic. In an evening of amazing art they stole the show. That and the wild afterparty in the middle of a massive park with dance music until dawn made for a pretty fantastic evening. This is a great example of what a community can accomplish when people work together. Thanks for all the people who did it in the media and in the road (and for those at the park, in the bushes).

We expect many more images to come our way soon

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