proclaiming dominance

It is time to discuss the nature of sexuality and power. In any relationship the parties involved have a degree of

on Toptubes. For too long we at Bike Porn Industries have resisted the urge to pimp, instead waiting for the right moment to spring this fouontain of fleshy wealth on our unsuspecting (but probably not horribly supprised) readers. this like the sait of

say a quick prayer to Vitalis of Assisi, the patron saint of genetals

Without this very silmple

But truly a website dedicated to showing your dominance over you bicycle is all well and good (probably) but likely it does not achieve the intended market. Unless a bike theif sees your nuts on his/her most recent score and decides to return the thourougly dominated steed back to you. A possibly more effective method may be achieved by leaving a poloroid and a note to would be theives on the bike, but really is that enough?

Thomas Sullivan

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