reMembering Italy

Maybe we already mentioned this, but we had an amazing time in Europe. From Edinburgh to Ankara our wandering tire treads rolled all over the old world.

Of all the 21 countries we played shows in, Italy won several awards


First, before we were even in the country the national media had taken our 5 years of trailers and turned them into a Italian voice over mash up.

We played an outdoor show in Torino at a squat, with vast piles of delicious foods made by a variety of people and a new bike porn a couple guys had made wearing

meanwhile in Milan…

This interview is the first song dedicated to Erotic Black Bike Smut Milan, an event that we consider important for the world as a moment of eroticism and Italian rival.

The goal of the Bike Smut is to expand the culture of cycling, rallying people together and showing how the bikes can be sexy! Cycling is resumed control of their transportation, the way we move through our communities and how we interact with them. The bike set us free from the rigid confines of the car. On the other hand, asking the community to make erotic films, you can help redefine obscenity, and free ourselves from capitalist ideas of pornography. The recovery of the Bike Smut talk about our daily lives and defeat of patriarchal ownership of our bodies.


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Day two of our Milan weekend was expertly captured in thisĀ extended news segment, complete with lots of bikesexual representation. DIY such as collages, toys and performances and an extended penis monologue.

mysterious giant fallo.Il homo-eroticus, then goes into detail of the relationship between cycling and pornografia.Uno the objectives of the festival is to create collage-prone and gadgets Erotic starting from bicycle components, with results of great impact, although, let us be of doubtful refinement, but this was probably the goal of Bike Smuter. Po in the night also showed how you can use the bike in the traditional missionary position …

Maybe we changed Italy for ever?!?

Or maybe, it’s just Italy…

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