Return to Cascadia

In just another day we will be back in Oregon.

In just the past 12 months we have been touring without much of a break…  at our most recent tally we had gone approx 44 THOUSAND miles (which is like 66,000 kilos)

It’s kinda crazy, not sure if we are gonna end up being hauled away on carbon credit violations or something… but if so, back to the Den Hagg!

Soon, we will be able to relax in our home of Cascadia, but first, lets get down with our friends at the University of Oregon in Eugene!

University of Oregone –
Eugene 2/9, 8pm
@ Ben Linder Room, EMU

Get on, to get off, its the home run stretch on the Orgasm Trail!

5 comments on “Return to Cascadia
  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are you guys now i need your emails HLIAS FROM GREECE THE GUY WHO HOST YOU IN ATHENS

  2. Tobi says:

    This old Eugenean just got the announcement but I’m in Seattle now. Looks like you’ll be here on the 11th, but I’m already double booked for that evening. Guess I’m now triple booked. Do you have details on time and place?

    • revphil says:

      Seattle has been a challenge this time around. Eventing… what a bitch.

      no details yet, but they will be on the blog when we know! happy to book you for one more night!

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