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OK, I’m not entirely sure what bike porn is. But I have a pretty good guess, so I’ll try to be polite here. On Monday, the lower level of the Capitol Hill Arts Center hosts an event dedicated exclusively to this fetish. “The Pornography of the Bicycle,” a 90-minute showing of 28 short films, was part of Portland’s Underground Film Festival in June, and 500 audience members showed up. In fact, many were turned away. The film has a one-night stand in Seattle before moving on to Bellingham (where they’ve added a second showing) and Vancouver, B.C. So word has it this film has been a hit everywhere it’s toured. A preview in Bellingham reads: “Some say that something is pornographic when we get a visceral reaction to the material, when we are either compelled to turn away, or find ourselves so transfixed by what we see the images are burned into our memories … Just what is bike porn? Well you will have to come and see for yourself.”

Posted by Katherine Sather
they were all linked cleverly by theme, including, for instance, “Payback” in which we were reminded (via graphic illustration of some guy’s hospitalization after a devastating bike wreck) that bicycles can fuck you, too (and not just the other way around),

My favorite piece, I think, was a superbly-rendered mock interview with a phony academic professor who was arguing that bicycle pornography objectified the bicycle and so should be, if not banned, at least frowned upon. He did a great riff on rejecting the terms “bicycle” and “bicycle rider” in favor of the less hegemonic “cycle” and “cyclist,” that had me in stitches, in part because it hit a bit close to home.
dashap Location: Seattle, WA]
debate on the nature of the term “riding” vs “cycling”
“I wouldn’t say “dominance relationship”, but it denotes that one party is doing more of the work. Obviously it depends on the situation, whether that party is on top or on the bottom.”

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