The Columbus Saga rages on

Is there some microbial debate bug in Ohio water?

We at Bike Smut Industries have had our share of caterwauls, scuttlebutt and mummers. But such internerdical diatribes have not been produced anywhere with such curious fervocity as in Columbus, Ohio.

in March of 2008 our crew of fun loving bike pornographers arrived to inches of rain and miles of lame. The attendance was high considering the number of people who were vocally decrying the blending of cycling and sexuality into a fine visual cocktail. It is our believe that many Consider Biking folk were uncomfortable with the holier-than-thou vibe put off by the prudes.

Fastforward 11 months into the current. A recent BikeSmut post exaulting the importance of cycling for women is critizised for being too perverse.

That was the most polite way we have ever been asked to do just about
anything. We want all content on to be given
consensually. Among our more lofty goals are to have everyone on our
blog, in our independent film festival, and on bikes everywhere feel
comfortable expressing themselves, and when possible express
themselves sexually through bikes.

Consider your content removed. However, we think that your reaction
bears some investigation.

For starters, part of the point in creating this blog is to make
readers more comfortable with sex. As a fun and necessary part of our
species’ existence it strikes us as strange that so many people react
negatively to this most basic fact of life.

Why are we North Americans more comfortable with violence than sex?

Moreover, most porn sucks, literally and figuratively. Why do we
tolerate such lameness? Shouldn’t we support something better?

Here are our basic tenets:

1) Sex and the desires associated with it are natural
2) Most porn is boring, repetitive and demeaning
3) Bikes are exciting. They embody many powerful ideas: freedom,
mobility, exploration
4) Bikers are generally sexier. They have improved stamina, heart rate
among other health benefits

ergo bikes are sexy.

We hoped that you, a woman writing a public blog about re-entering the
dating pool after years of marriage, might be flattered rather than
upset that someone else thinks your writing is clever and funny enough
to share.

We found this blog via a Google Alert for “bike porn”. We commented on your blog that we intended to use your content so you could know about it. We posted your link so that people would know where the info came from.

It is especially sad because we felt that your writing complimented
the other content very well.

Que lastima.

If you ever decide that you feel comfortable enough to share your
writing with our readers we would be most grateful for your

Consent is sexy. We work to do it better.

Hey, its a midwest mom in her 40s. We dont want to freak her out, so we did the right thing. (we hope caving in to demands is the right thing to do)

On further inspection, we think this may just be one of those, “blogger blogs about blogging on blog” kinda things. In which case we guess it is helpful for her to make a scene. But please, if you are trying to recapture your sexuality, dont smack the hands passing you a vibrator.

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