the living is easy

Summer in Cascadia is a gift that none of us are capable of fully appreciating. It seems endless and infinitely capable of at once encouraging new ethically sound behavior while simultaneously absorbing your ideals into its ever consuming maw.

For example, the quantity of non meat product eaters has decreased dramatically, but then so has the number of gluten-vours. Or try our own attempt to

Our own attempts to be more consciousness of resource consumption (we have turned down opportunities to fly into cities for special screenings only because we kind of feel traveling is such a fantastic luxury, and not one to take for granted. We have lamanted the nature of air travel, comparing its resource heavy/economically misleading nature to the relationship of cars and bikes. Cars are big and heavy and amazing. Its technology is wicked old yet it rules the road and is the definitive medium of transport. Car use is heavily subsidized by our government and our demand for cheap oil has made us rather intolerant of those who dont share (er give). Some might classify this as classism masquerading as racism masquerading as nationalism.

And yet when compared to air travel, cars seem almost modest. Sure if you pack a jet full of passengers it may get a pretty good MPG score, but then comparing jet fuel to gas is pretty deceptive. In order to have those high octanes that jets require it

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