The Southwest Roundup

Yes, we have no blog posts. This communication is as much a form of living history as it is promotional tool so we only feel slightly annoyed withoutselves that we have had multiple shows that didnt get their full due on this blog.

But in memorial

Jan 5 – Amazing show in Austin. Thanks to the folks at Bed Post Confessions and Queer Ride
Jan 8 – Nearly rained out show at Boneshakers in San Antonio. Them bikers are melty.
Jan 11 – A real show in Tucson at The Screening Room w/ Whiskey Breath Burlesque

and tonight
Jan 12 – we do another show in Phoenix at The Trunk Space w/ the Rusty Spoke collective!

All this because our van mostly died 4 times! Fuck cars, we dont need no stinking exaust!

Car free? Care free!

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