Touring the Texas Triangle

We have spent the past couple weeks meeting all the amazing bike-sexuals and other fantastic weirdos we can in the great trinangle of east Texas. (Houston, Austin and San Antonio). And we would like to thank everyone who has helped us out. Whether it was setting up fantastic shows, putting roofs over our head, or inviting us to xmas, we are truly grateful.

Like aloha means hello and goodbye, we think ‘Howdy’ can can work the same. With great sadness we have to say “Howdy for now” as we announce our final show in east Texas. Lucky o’l’ San Antonio will do the honors.
Tuesday, December 27th
1116 W Mitchell St
Bike Polo @ The Slab before hand. 8pm, Probant & Cevallos
$2 pints at Boneshakers all night &
super delicious pizza. yum!
Hope we get to come back soon, y’all!!
One comment on “Touring the Texas Triangle
  1. RevRexJames says:

    Looking forward to next time you make it out here!

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