Trans-Balkan Odyssey

Can Bike Smut escape Greece? Are we destined to face the same fate as ancient Odysseus, to spend 10 years playing deathmatch bike polo with Scylla and Charybdis all because we have pissed off some short-tempered god? We certainly hope not, and we have made the appropriate sacrifices to ensure smooth bike porn travelling from here on out.

After our tour van stranded us in Katerini, Greece, and one team member got waylaid by highway bandits in Athens, we are about to make a desperate lunge for Ljubljana, Slovenia. There pleasant fields of luxuriant bicycles and sex await us. Come frolic with us! This Tuesday we will be playing at the Rog social center, an abandoned and squatted bicycle factory. Here is what you need to know, potential lover of ours:

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 at 21.00, Social centre Rog, Ljubljana
21.00: Bike Smut film screening
22.00: Call for Demonstration of Invisible Workers of the World and invitation to the 2011 Gay Pride Parade (both are happening on June 4th in Ljubljana)
22.30: DJ program

Organised by Feminist and queer festival Red Dawns and IWW. Contact:

We are very excited to be joining forces with Invisible Workers of the World, an autonomous trade union for migrant workers. IWW organizes for worker control and self-determination in the workplace, Bike Smut brings the fight for self determination into our transportation and sexuality. Together, we are a force that will bring you to the brink of revolution.

So, until then, you can keep busy during our 12 hour drive by pondering this deep and stimulating message from our other insurrectionary Ljubljana hosts, Red Dawns:

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