Turning TriXXX in Richmond

YES! Our last Two fabulous shows have shattered the previous horror stories about screenings mid Atlantic.  It was so good in fact a veteran sex educator took time to write about it!

It makes perfect sense when you think about it: bodies in motion; the exhilaration of freedom; the stimulation of one’s senses while riding; the fit and flow of clothing by the rider; the positions of riding, peddling, mounting, and dismounting the bike (ahem… “mounting”); the rhythm of the legs and hips; and of course the way the seat presses provocatively against the rider. – read more on Dr. Ruthie’s blog!

Both Brooklyn and Washington DC shows were full of hot bodies and both included TWO live performances from local artists. What a treat for us to see a community not just passively accepting our notions, but actively engaging and exploring their own bikesexual ideas via song, dance, photography and spoken word!

This unexpected success is giving us a whole a whole new perspective on finding the joy between our legs in places it never seemed possible! If the challenged venues in the nation’s capital can enjoy it, than we might be able to bring two wheeled bikesexual liberation anywhere!

How about Richmond, VA? In the past we have marvelous screenings at the vaunted Byrd Theatre, but since their board of directors learned there was sex involved, Bike Smut has found a new more suitable, underground dwellings in RVA.

  Saddle Sores.xxx  presents
 Bike Smut 6: TurningTriXXX
Sunday Oct 28
@ MovieLoft (underground venue, email for directions or just ride w us!)    
7pm – group ride from Lamplighter116 South Addison Street
$5 Suggested Donation    18+

2 comments on “Turning TriXXX in Richmond
  1. Dr. Ruthie says:

    Thanks for the GREAT show in DC last night! It was a pleasure to blog about it. :D

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