when is a bike not smutty enough?

When people ask us “What is Bike Smut” what they are really asking is, “are my wild ideas about what you do too wild… or are they not wild enough?” To which we offer a resounding “Yes!” (it feels so good to say yes) To which they reply, “Yes… meaning it is, or is not as crazy as I think it is.” To which we retort, “exactly!” But for all these attempts to share an experience that is typically so personal and intimate with a community for the purpose of liberating us all does make it a little challenging to describe. Sometimes it is better to let people know what is it not… Its not (just) pictures of bicycles (although some pictures of bikes probably do qualify, and others might be considered overqualified). The term “bike porn” generates a lot of web traffic and many of us can ogle on an inanimate object and not feel shame for objectifying another person’s ride.

 Not every bike porn that is submitted to us qualifies for Bike Smut. Some movies are not about bikes; some movies are not about sex. Then some movies are about bikes and sex but we are not sure if everyone involved in the production knew it at that time.

Are you brazen enough to demand better sex AND better transportation in your community!

Srsly, whose gonna throw down some epic gay japan cgi transportational warfare porn?

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