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Get to know the people who are riding hard to make good sex and transportation a quality of life issue!

Rev Phil – founder/curator


Reverend Phil has been a figurehead of the Portland bicycle community for over a decade. He has made it his mission to spread the joys of cycling to as many people as possible. Born and raised in Oregon, he championed Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride (now the world’s largest naked bike ride) as well as being one of the driving forces behind popularizing Hardcourt Bike Polo. He enjoys a variety of transport but loves touring on his Cross-Check, building/jousting/breaking tall bikes, and Free Geek, a non-profit organization that ‘helps the needy get nerdy’ by recycling e-waste and bringing technology to those left behind the digital divide.

Rev. Phil was ordained as a minister at the Universal Life Church in 1996 and is considered a Saint in the Church of Bicycle Jesus by Seattle’s Dead Baby Bike Club. He has a long list of unusual arrests involving bicycles and nudity. He was banned for life from Civic Stadium after running the bases naked between innings at a baseball game. He was arrested for stopping a car from crashing into his fellow riders at Portland’s 2006 World Naked Bike ride and electrocuted by taser for not having a bike light. In 2007 he created Bike Smut, and encouraged the Portland community of sex-positive bikers to make short films about bikes and sex to help spread a message of joy and liberation through sexuality and cycling. He has since travelled thousands of miles across North America and Europe converting people of all orientations to bike sexuality.


Poppy Cox – creative director

modena-performancePoppy Cox is a performance artist and sex-positive feminist. She lived and worked in London, UK for seven years where she was an active member of the London new burlesque scene as well as front woman for the noise band/performance art troupe known as Le Couteau Jaune. She has performed all over the US, UK and Europe and was nominated for performance artist of the year at the 2006 Erotic Awards. She is also a costume and prop maker, for her own work as well as others, strongly adhering to principals of DIY and recycling, primarily using cardboard, paper mache and found materials. She has worked on anumber of productions in both San Francisco and NYC.

Miss Cox has worked as a stripper at the world’s only unionized, worker-owned cooperative peep-show, The Lusty Lady in San Francisco, C A. She recently made the move to pornography, directing and staring in her first film, ‘Pedal to Pleasure’ this year. It was screened at HUMP! and is now touring with CineKink. She has followed up with more shorts and co-directed a feature length film with Courtney Trouble which is featured in Bike Smut 6 as well as being released on Trouble Films.

She is currently in Berlin where just hosted 2 capacity shows at the Porn Film Festival and is plotting a tour to the UK this winter with Ophelia Bitz of ArtWank

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Twitter – @BikeSmut
Tumblr – bikesmut.tumblr.com
FaceBook – facebook.com/BikePornFilms
FetLife – fetlife.com/users/210202
or you can just send an email to BikeSmut[at]gmail[daut]com

16 comments on “About Us
  1. nate says:

    Hey curious is you sell any of your merchandise online? maybe via pay pal?

  2. i cant stop thinking about smut and wanking on my bikes getting cold here in montreal…i ll never froget being on stage, time of my night life…anyways how can i contact the girl who made the film of the bike pump with the wind fans , i met her out side but sh guyed out on her name and am wirting a paper on the events of the evening that is due last week, uuuuhhh….yeah hoepfully you get thin and reply in the next hour, i jsut mostly need her name and am a way better oogler than an ..internet search engine, still got the gears turning for next year so you bring it back to mtl!!!!!!

  3. Mitchell says:

    Reverend Phil and Miss Cox, it was a pleasure meeting the two of you in Santa Cruz tonight. I’ve already begun to get the word out to my San Jose circles, I’ll see what I can do to find you a venue.

  4. Hello!

    My name is Emelie Jönsson and I work as a researcher for a Swedish tv-show called “69 Things you want to know about sex”. I have read about you and would love to do a segment about the Bike Smut when our team is coming to the US in April, would that be possible? Please get back to me and I ´ll explain more about what we do! Kindest regards,

  5. Steven says:

    Dear Sir

    this is Steven from DSDOLL.
    we are a mannequin manufacturer from China.

    we got a contact from a movie studio, his name is “Eric Williams”, he ask us a free sample sex doll( value $3500 USD ) for a moive show. and guarantee to our advertisement.

    he told us here was a film he has himself been a part of it.

    I find there is your website logo on the video:

    could you please help check this.
    do you know him well ? is “Eric Williams” been working in the film ?
    I don’t need any privacy and personal information.
    I just want make sure this is not fraud.

    I really appreciate if you can help.
    Look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions soon.

    Best regards,

  6. Andrew says:

    So I just found this website, purely because I typed into google bikes and sex, and this was among the top results. So I was kinda curious what this is? Are you guys trying to promote something? or is it just that biking and sex is awesome? What exactly is bike sexuality?


  7. Les says:

    I usually get bored with movies but really enjoyed yours. It was especially nice to have you at the Screening Room.

  8. Jessie Smith says:

    What an experiences you’re having as a biker out there. What I like most is the combination of fun biking and great sex. LOL

  9. Galer Oxana says:

    Hello. I want to buy advertising on your website. How much it will cost ?

  10. David Bender says:

    Dear Admin,
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    Let me know if you’d be interested in reading and possibly hosting and article, I’m excited about the possibility of working with you.
    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Either way, keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,

    • revphil says:

      Hi David, thanks for your interest. When you have a topic related to mobility and sexuality we might consider. And please nothing about saddle designs affecting sperm, kthx!

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