Men’s Trunks


In our humble opinion these are the PERFECT men’s underwear. The short legs don’t bunch up under pants, and there is ample pouch room and support. The contoured butt seams flatter your sexy biker tush, but most importantly……. Our trunks feature a GRUNDLE PAD which means there is no seam on your balls! This makes them extra comfy for any amount of time you spend on your bike!

Available in three colors and sizes!

mensgrey-flat mensred-flat mensturquoise-flat


A warm grey cotton/spandex with deep aubergine violet ink and soft black elastic.

Available in S, M and L







A cadmium red cotton/spandex with navy blue ink and soft black elastic.

Available in S, M and L






A sea foam turquoise cotton/spandex with coral pink ink and soft black elastic.

Available in S, M and L





Buy them here

Please specify size (S,M or L) and color (red, turquoise or grey)



7 comments on “Men’s Trunks
  1. tedward says:

    Holy shit how can I buy these?

    I want a pair more than I’ve ever wanted a particular pair of underwear in my life, which is admitedly not really saying much. But still, damn, these are awesome.

    • revphil says:

      reasonable! they are in high demand! We have not been able to keep them in supply!

      We have hopes we can fill your biker booty needs in the coming season

  2. chriswitha C says:

    Can I try them on first? Phil can I try YOURS on?

    • revphil says:

      These are the last pair so you can imagine they are worth a lot! I really really hope we can make more for you all soon

  3. Gilbert says:

    I would like to order some

  4. Marie says:

    Help make a better world… Keep them in supply, pretty please :D

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