Tour Dates

Bike Smut is spreading the legs of Europe, North America and somehow Australia, concurrently.

email us <> for fast service

26 April – Kansas City, MO w Critical Mass

8 May – Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater

Want Bike Smut to come to your town? Here is how you can host a screening!

73 comments on “Tour Dates
  1. Robert says:

    Montreal? When?

  2. BC says:

    Is it all the two chubby dumpy chicks shown here? No thanks….

    • revphil says:

      We have chubby chicks, dumpy chicks, rumpy chicks… all manner of people with various bodies displaying their enjoyment for self-powered joy and liberation.

      But yes, you and your anonymous limp dick should stay at home and give people with real bodies the opportunity to appreciate each other.

  3. Mike M says:

    Please email me when it comes to Houston…a few days in advance so I can plan to attend.

  4. bike curious says:

    any plans on touring the northeast?

  5. Katie says:

    will you be coming to colorado again anytime soon?

    • Poppy says:

      Hey, We were just in Colorado in September! We did three shows. Boulder, Ft Collins and Denver. We love going back to Colorado, but the best way to make sure we come back soon is to make a movie! Our next program premieres in Portland in June, and we will be scheduling our next tour after that.

  6. Bike Smut Lover says:

    RevPhil I need you to return to Wash DC.

    I wanna show you my bike smut inspired photos…
    I wanna bike my fave parks with you…nekkid
    I want my friends to see the well put-together Turning Trixxx presentation and the fun, sexy, original and sometimes jaw dropping films.

    I told Barrack and Michele you’d probably come back and do a viewing around Jan. 20, at the White House. They seemed interested; They’re thinking about it. :)

  7. alternative porn lover says:

    Hey! So I just found you guys and I know you were in the Northeast recently but I want to encourage/invite you guys to Philly sometime. I know lots of people that would enjoy this!

    • revphil says:

      Hi Alt Porn Lover, if we were to go back to Philly how would we find you to let you know, so you can tell your friends?

  8. Hedone says:

    I get lost in this blog. Have no idea where I posted and Poopy Cox replied.

    @Poppy Cox- Just wanted to say THANKS for helping me get in touch with one of the filmmakers.

    Happy New Year to all bikesexuals!

    – H

  9. Alyssah says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!! I just stumbled across a link to this on tumblr. How often does this tour happen? HOW CAN I GET YOU TO MY CITY??!!

    • revphil says:

      thanks, we think of it as the greattest combination since peanut butter and chocolate, but as you see, this is for adults only. email or choose any of our social media diseases to keep up to date on the most inspiring DIY porno on earth

  10. jibbo says:

    Is it ok/acceptable/tolerated/encourage to self-love during these screenings?

    • revphil says:

      Well we love the idea that we could just decide what is acceptable for others, but audience behavior is largely a community standard. In some places the audience is completly still, enraptured with the content. But in other places the audience gets into such a bikesexual frenzy they are litteraly tearning the place appart (two broken doors in Buffalo can attest).

      We enocurage the audience engage with the works in a manner they feel comfortable with.

  11. Bryan Poli says:

    I am looking forward to the show, and I will bring my bicycle.

    See you in San Francisco

  12. Roo says:

    DUDE! What’s goin on with Bike Smut 7? Criteria, deadline, etc? I was/am so inspired by you guys that I am creating my own. So what can I do with it?

  13. Hey Bike Smut! The Survival Center at UO loved your show last year! Will you be coming back through Eugene anytime again?


  14. revphil says:

    hrm, I suggest you email bikesmutgmail>DAUGHT

  15. Jay says:

    No NYC tour dates? What part of the game is that?

  16. Morgan says:


    Fate brought me to a rained upon and crumpled handbill from which I found this website but I am wondering where you are playing in Vancouver and where I can find more info for that stop listed?


  17. Krustina says:

    Any chance of coming back to PDX? I helped promote the showing in Chicago last year and just moved to Portland a few days ago, and sadly missed the 6/12 showing. wamp wamp.

    • revphil says:

      Our world premiere in Portland was so amazing! We would really love to share it again, but I have my doubts. We are doing a screening in Vancouver, BC July 20th and one in Seattle in early August

  18. cat6racer says:

    Do you have a venue for Vancouver yet?

    • revphil says:

      Why yes concerned citizen! We have a venue, and now you should be able to find it! Thanks for asking!

  19. Just discovered this! Really would love to see you come to Upstate NY. Troy Bike Rescue is our local community supported, queer-positive bike rehab and it’d be awesome if you came through.

  20. Jorilla says:

    Will Bike Smut ever makes it way to Nashville? I know a few awesome venues that would definitely be interested.

  21. N T says:


    I’m looking for the location of the Vault for tonight’s showing


    — NT

  22. Chris Kimberley says:

    Come to the UK

    London has the best fetish clubs in the world and a cycling explosion right now

    perfect mix!

  23. katheryne says:

    I cannot wait for you guys to come to DC and Richmond! I saw you last year in RVA and it was great! I absolutely loved it, what i loved even more was explaining it to people who were not there. Bikesexuality is definitely a great topic of discussion =).

  24. Anathema says:

    Hey kids! I saw you in Gainesville FL a long long time ago but now am in Austin Texas. Are you coming down here at all (or other places in the southwest)? I’d love love love to see you again. Say hi to all my gainesville peeps when you play on december 15th. And look out for my muddy body on the screen :)

  25. Roo says:

    We want Bike Smut in LA/LBC!!! I got venues, community hook-ups, mad support, vegan foodz, couches to crash. What do I have to do to get ya’ll over here?!

    • revphil says:

      Man we want to come back! SO LETS DO IT! Ill give you months to plan and lets really make it shine! Bikes and Sex in LA? Its gotta be good!

  26. Jonah says:

    please come to berlin, I miss you bikesmut!

  27. Stuffie says:

    Will you be coming to Minneapolis this year?

  28. cycleworks says:

    I’m not sure which Humbolt will be on the 21th next Sundy. Would be thankful if you could comment with a ZIP code. Thx!

  29. Wood says:

    When are y’all coming back to New Orleans?

  30. ted says:

    no mpls? pshhh…what?

    • revphil says:

      We only are committed to doing shows where the community has produced a film for Bike Smut and MPLS never has.

      pshhhh…. what indeed!

  31. A says:

    Hello! Where can I buy tickets for your Austin show?

  32. b dannio says:

    Chicago please! Dan Savage brought his 1st Hump Tour here last year vday weekend. We Loved It!

  33. K-la says:

    Will you guys be coming to Montreal any time soon? Pretty please with some gears on top?

    • revphil says:

      YES! Montreal has created one of the most popular films ever for our current program: Come Again

      Expect us to be there in early May!

  34. meinhart says:

    Hey, I only recently learned of your awesome festival and sadly missed your Europe tour last year. Are there plans for another one in the near future?

    • revphil says:

      Hi Meinhart, yes, in fact the 1st screening of Bike Smut 8: Come Again is happening tomorrow (Friday) in Amsterdam!

  35. Scott says:

    I’d love to actually be here in Phoenix if you made it here but I’ll try to catch the tour whereever you go!

  36. Jazz Ketibuah - Foley says:

    Will you be back in Bristol in the UK soon? I just heard about this and wanna come by when you’re in town ^_^

  37. Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.

    • revphil says:

      You are right the depth of friendship is not dependent on the time spent together, (as you say, “length of acquaintance”) but yeah, it is an obvious and often important factor.

  38. audio boy says:

    seems like a difficult thing two people riding one bike…..not a tandem, a single bike. ah i like a challenge.

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